Coming soon to Portland, Oregon

A curated member-based community space with a purpose — to connect diverse groups, inspire collaboration, deliver quality programs, provide a place for community events and be a voice for the vibrant Portland community.

Hub: A place or thing that forms the effective center of an activity, region, or network.

- Activity -

From engaging programming to events like company pitch nights, the Hub PDX will be a center of activity in Portland.The space will engage the members who work there by encouraging collaboration and then look to engage the community by being a focal point for area events and organizations.

- Region -

The Portland region is a diverse melting pot of companies, organizations and educational institutions. A core value of Hub PDX is to create an active community of entrepreneurs, advisors, local businesses, NPOs, business organizations and higher education institutions with the main purpose of bringing together and helping to grow the Portland community.

- Network -

Hub PDX will be part of the global community of Hubs, currently located in 29 cities and across 5 continents. members of Hub PDX will get immediate access to the over 4,000 Hub members around the world.